Chuck Segere

I’m a business owner in the community that believes in giving back to the community. I’ve been doing it through youth and sports to make sure youth are taken care of in our community. Montbello is a home that I found in 1981, moving here from New York. It was a place that I always dreamed of, nice houses, little trees, reminded me of Raisin in the Sun. I thought I was in Black Heaven. I see in 5 years we have people who are happier and healthier.   I see youth who want to do more to be a part of this community.


Didi Ochoumare

We are creating this group to bring youth together. We have the same passion and we are all together. We want to do great things together. In 5 years I want to see this community grow.  I want to see the youth take action and become the leaders in the community.


Blanca Madrid

My name is Blanca Madrid, Co-Founder of the Piñata del Aprendizaje, member of the Montbello Power Advocates and a resident of Montbello for over 10 years. Working with families each day has fueled my passion for my community.  The people and their needs are similar to my own as the future for my children is here! I believe that finding solutions that improve our neigborhoods will impact residents and their lives, including mine. I don’t want us to become statistics, I want to make changes and work for the equity of all.


Priscila Ramirez

As a mother, I began to get involved in the community when we moved to Montbello in the Summer of 2012. As I got more involved with the schools my children attended, I discovered more families that were looking to establish a network of people who help find resources and benefits for families. I love the diversity we have here in Montbello.  It is definitely important as leaders of color that we are seen in the community. I believe that we can make a significant change in our schools for future generations. I want everyone to feel welcome in schools where color and language barriers don’t exist.


Paul Clifton

I’m excited to work on the issues we are focused on.  As a teacher, I see the challenges and impact the issues we are taking on have on my students and the Montbello community. I love the families and youth in Montbello. I get to engage with families every day and I see how beautiful Montbello is through the people.  In 5 years I see Montbello’s schools becoming welcoming pieces of the community. Places where the community voice is valued and amplified.